The Amazing Fun Bus

So I heard about the Amazing Fun Bus through the grapevine. I've never even seen the bus, nor have any of my mommy friends out in the field who I rely on to give me good, trusted feedback about things I haven't experienced myself. But if this bus is as fun as it sounds on its Web site, I'm on board! Just to be sure it is an actual business, I just placed a call to the owner, Stephen Lewis. He kindly explained that his Newtown-based business was launched in March 2008 and that he's been busy ever since traveling from birthday party to birthday party all over Fairfield County. And I can see why! What kid wouldn't love a 30 foot bus arriving for his/her birthday with:

Wii projected onto a 42-inch flat screen TV 
2 X-Box 360s
3 genuine arcade machines
A “claw” machine
A jukebox with 100 CD selections
An Italian style foosball game
A “fruit” machine
A disco dance floor

For more information about renting The Amazing Fun Bus for your child's next birthday party, visit www.TheAmazingFunBus.com


Nicole said...

omg how FUN does that look?!

Manager Mom said...

Um, what exactly does the "fruit machine" do?