A View of the Fodor Farm Farmers Market in Norwalk, by Guest Blogger Kate Vitucci

(Note:Please welcome guest blogger Kate Vitucci of South Norwalk. I invited her to appear here because I spend so much time in front of the computer these days and not enough time enjoying nature and the outdoors. Visiting Kate's blog, The Parsley Thief, is a great escape for me and I thought all of you should know about it. I love her striking photography and recipes and the way she seems to truly savor simple things like gardening and cooking and her sons' backyard antics. Kate and I decided it would be great for her to visit the new Fodor Farm Farmers Market in South Norwalk and introduce it to all of you. Thanks so much to Kate for the amazing photos below and for sharing some very helpful information about the market.)

Long before I started blogging myself, I came across Meg’s blog. I was Google searching for a cool place to have a child’s birthday party in Fairfield County, and came across FairfieldCountyChild.com.

I had her bookmarked. Then when I finally got around to starting a blog myself, I linked to her on my site. Through that, she discovered me and asked for me to post on her site, as a guest blogger.

Frankly, I was quite flattered.

The main draw of blogging for me is the documentation aspect of it. Things I like (design), food I like (to cook), my kids (the bozos) are all topics I cover there. Having all of this neatly documented in cyber land gives me a safe place to store all my memories.

It’s my life, archived.

I have a design and photography background, but right now my passion is being a mom & cooking. When my husband & I moved to the suburbs from Brooklyn, and spent the subsequent 3 years demolishing and redesigning our kitchen…my food hobby was born.

One particular of summer that gives me the most joy is the bounty of fresh food available. The best place to seek this out is at your local farmer’s market. It’s a great place to bring your child as well.

In our town, of Norwalk, CT, a new community garden, Fodor Farm, on Flax Hill Rd., has been developed. They opened it this year, selling small 4’x12’ plots, to the residents of Norwalk, for $5. All 225 plots were sold within 2 hours, and another 100 people went onto a waiting list.

According to this article, from the NY Times, more plots will be available soon. They also plan to renovate the old farmhouse on the property, and plant apple orchards, and pumpkin patches.

They also have a Sunday Farmer’s Market running there from 12pm-5pm. While it is quite small when compared to some other local markets, they did have some great stuff.

While the family and I were visiting there this past Sunday we picked up some

fresh sweet peas,

some amazing red scallions,

some summer squash, zucchini,

and made this amazing salad.

You can visit The Parsley Thief for more details on the recipe…


Alli & Billy said...

Thanks for promoting the farm. I am a Norwalk resident and also a vendor at the farmer's market at Fodor Farm. My specialty is granola and other baked goods. Next time feel free to stop by the Sweet Retreat tent and try some tasty granola!

Manager Mom said...

Oh... I am DROOLING. Those pictures and that produce! I think I need to take a cold shower, and then head right over.