FREE Sample Classes with Mary Ann Hall's MUSIC FOR CHILDREN August 26 & 27. RSVP Today!

Thanks for bearing with me over the past few days. No posts since Thursday! I had a weekend away and then yesterday was my vacation from my vacation day, but now it's back to reality and I'm here with this great offer from Mary Ann Hall's MUSIC FOR CHILDREN...

You and your family are  invited to come try out a class - for FREE! Looking for ways to entertain the kids during the final weeks of the summer? “Around the World with Music” is a sample class that takes you to Africa, Mexico, Wild Wild West, Bottom of the Sea, and Outer Space. Toddlers to age 8. RSVP for your space!

Address: 365 Newtown Ave, Norwalk, CT

Dates: Tuesday, August 26 at 4pm OR Wednesday, August 27 at 11:15am.

Phone: 877-YES-MUSIC!

Email: mail@musicforchildren.net

For more information visit www.musicforchildren.net

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