Mommy & Me Cakewalk Cooking Classes with Food Studio in Stamford Start September 8th

Atsuko Boyd is known for her grown up tastes in food and wine. She was selected as a chef for the Cannes film festival in 2007 and she owns and operates Food Studio, a boutique culinary events business in Stamford. But this mom of 2 is not one to exclude anyone from the joys of eating well.   I decided to contact Atsuko when I heard about her mommy and me Cakewalk classes for kids ages 3-5

Now I contact a lot of businesses on a daily basis. When I hear about a cool class or event for kids, I always like to do a little investigating. It always shocks me when I get a lukewarm response from a business owner who I'd like to feature here on FairfieldCountyChild.com (helllooooooo.... I'd like to give you some press!)

So not the case with Atsuko. Not only did she invite me to her test kitchen where the classes are to take place, but she sat down with me for a considerable amount of time to explain her cooking philosophy and how she approaches working with kids. Keep it simple but don't be afraid to expose them to exotic foods and flavors. That about sums it up. Atsuko is absolutely delightful and if my daughter were just a little older I'd sign her up for the Cakewalk class pronto. 

Visit www.foodstudio.biz to read all about Food Studio and their classes for both kids and adults or click here for all the details about the Cakewalk class, starting in September in Stamford on Larkin Street

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Manager Mom said...

If anybody needs a cooking class, it is me. Fo shiz.