American Girl Event This Saturday, September 6th in Darien

My friend Nicole over at AllAboutDarien.com has all the scoop on this Saturday's American Girl event at Darien Sport Shop...Click here to find out how your little girl (or boy, I should mention in the spirit of political correctness) can receive a free professional portrait with her/his favorite American Girl doll. I have to say, this event sounds really fun and even though I hear it will probably put me in the poorhouse, I can't wait for my little girl to hop on the American Girl bandwagon so I can live vicariously through her.  I admit it, I love the American Girl dolls and the positive message they send to little girls.

For event details about this and a bunch of other cool stuff, visit www.AllAboutDarien.com

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Manager Mom said...

Be careful what you wish for. You have NO IDEA the financial havoc an American Girl obsession can wreak on a household.