Check Out Mushie Tushie for All of Baby's Firsts... and Save 15%

When my daughter was born and I was sleep deprived and knee-deep in dirty laundry, we received lots of beautiful fancy dresses, booties and ensembles that were worn once then packed away. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful for all of the gifts, but you know what I found the most useful? Onesies. I don't think a new baby can have too many, what with all the puking and pooping they do. That's why I thought Mushie Tushie was such a cute idea. Why not make the utilitarian onesie a little more festive and fun?

Mushie Tushie, based in Norwalk, sells 100% organic cotton onesies that celebrate all your baby's first holidays - from Halloween to Hannukah. They also sell adorable onesies that celebrate each month of a baby's first year. They make a great shower or new baby gift.

So go on over and visit www.mushietushie.com to view the collection and be sure to enter FACC at check out to receive 15% off your order.

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