Enter to Win A Swingset Mamas' CD or DVD! Deadline is Friday at Midnight.

Just in time for next week's big election, the Swingset Mamas new video "If I Became the President" is ready for the world! The video was shot locally (in Stamford!) and it's helping to spread a positive message for families with preschool and elementary age children, about hope and change, taking care of the earth, and about voting and being part of the political process.

You can watch "If I Became the President" by clicking the arrow above or visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRtUFQ7hIyM

The Swingset Mamas are two rockin' moms, whose music has spawned an avid network of fans including children, parents and educators. The duo includes Marlowe Bechmann (of Texas), and Lizzie Swan (of Stamford), who infuse their playful, inspiring tunes with their own mom-tested wisdom. They were recently awarded the 2008 Best of the Gold Coast Award for "Best Romper Rock" for their "Swing, Dance and Sing" DVD.

True Story: I stumbled upon the Swingset Mamas a few weeks ago when I was driving through the neighborhood and I passed a gaggle of kids at a lemonade stand. I have this thing and I just don't have it in me to drive by a lemonade stand without stopping. So I pulled over and quickly realized this was no oridinary lemonade stand.... it was actually a shoot for the Swingset Mama's latest video (see above). In my world, happening upon a shoot like this is a true Perez Hilton moment. I love having a little bit of showbiz right here in Stamford.

I got talking to Lizzie Swan, a Stamford mom who makes up half of the Swingset Mamas. Even though she was in the midst of the shoot, she ran to her car and grabbed me a Swingset Mamas cd. I went on my way and ever since, my daughter has been hooked on the Swingset Mamas (thanks Lizzie!!).

Now your family can enjoy this awesome kid and parent friendly music. Enter to win one of several Swingset Mama's cds and dvds! 

Giveaway Rules
Just email me with your name and town and "SWINGSET MAMAS" in the subject line at fairfieldcountychild@gmail.com by this Friday, October 31st at midnight and seven FCC readers will score either:

Dance Around the House CD
Music for the Whole Family CD

To listen to more tunes and learn more about the Swingset Mamas visit www.SwingsetMamas.com or www.myspace.com/theswingsetmamas

And don't forget to vote!!

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