New York Magazine Writer Seeking Moms to Interview For Upcoming Story About Market Collapse

I received an email this morning from a New York Magazine writer who's looking to interview suburban moms for an upcoming story. Read on and please email her directly at susanmasonburton@gmail.com if you'd like to participate. Thanks!

I'm working on a feature story for New York Magazine about how stay-at-home mothers in the suburbs are being affected by the crisis on Wall Street. I'd like to speak to women with a range of experiences. Perhaps you're being more careful at Whole Foods; perhaps you're considering dusting off your M.B.A. and returning to work; perhaps you're feeling a new undercurrent of anxiety about money; perhaps your husband is out of a job. The goal is to tell a story about the impact of the market collapse on day-to-day family life.

The other goal is to document what it means to be a SAHM these days. I'm a mother myself, and it seems to me that most writing about motherhood focuses on balancing work and family. We rarely read stories that offer a rich, complex portrait of SAHM life.

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