STOP! Before You Start Your Holiday Toy Shopping, Check out Baby Cole Enterprises and Save Up To 40%

I recently sat down with the owners of Baby Cole Enterprises to find out more about their business. Please welcome Jamye and Matt Cole of Stamford. They have one 15-month-old and their second baby is this new venture they've launched together!

Meg: First of all, thank you for being a FairfieldCountyChild.com sponsor! So you say you can get me toys for 40% off retail plus shipping and handling? Did they fall off a truck? Are they ridden with lead?
Jamye & Matt: No! They're the real thing that you'd buy online
directly from a business or from a big toy store like Toys R Us. We carry toys from Melissa & Doug, Gund, Haba, RandomHouse (plus many more).

M: Sounds very cool, especially considering our current economy. Maybe I won't be whittling toys for my daughter with my bare hands this year after all.How do you manage do offer them to your customers at such low prices?
J&M: We buy products from popular toy companies in bulk and get them at the wholesale price. Our customers benefit from that by us passing on the discount.

M: So basically I can go to your web site (www.babycoleent.com) and browse the brands you have listed and email you at orders@babycoleent.com or call you up with the toy(s) of my choice.
J&M: Yes, and we'll do our best to get you the lowest price possible - usually 40% off retail prices!

M: What if I want a really obscure toy? Can you get it for me?
J&M: In most cases yes, if it's from a brand with whom we have a relationship. If not we will contact the toy manufacture you are interested in to open an account.

M: You also organize toy parties. Please explain.
J&M: We book toy parties all year round with hosts who are interested in having friends over to browse our catalogs and make toy purchases as a group. Hosts earn points towards free toys when their guests make a purchase and the host receives
50% off their purchases that evening. We also bring the host a complimentary gift of wine and cocktails. It's a fun way to shop. You're among friends, not standing in line at a crowded store.

M: Ok, time to get started. We have to hurry right?
J&M: YES! Don't forget, orders must be placed by December 7, 2008 for holiday delivery (the earlier the better to avoid backorders). So visit our website: www.babycoleent.com soon! Feel free to contact us at jamyecole@babycoleent.com or call 203-940-3363 . Check our our FAQ by clicking here

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