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Just passing along this note from my friend Nicole at AllAboutDarien.com. Thanks for the heads up Nicole!

"Hi Meg, Although the incident occurred this morning in Darien, I thought it would be useful to use our websites to spread the word to all parents in the area to make sure we are all on our toes today and in the coming weeks. Here's a link to the official alert from the Darien school system.

In a nutshell, an elementary school-aged boy was approached this morning by a stranger in a car. His mom was nearby and witnessed the approach and beeped at the car, which took of ...

It's a good reminder for all of us that we must always remain vigilant and aware and make sure to educate our children about how to handle Stranger Danger.

Wishing all moms in Fairfield County the best in safety and happiness this holiday season!"

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Tiffany said...

Thank you, Meg, for posting this. It's always hard to read such scary news, but better to have the information than not. I have already forwarded it to a number of friends. Tiffany