Robert the Guitar Guy at the Maclaren Showroom on December 11th + Save 20% at the Maclaren Outlet Sale Thursday - Sunday (dec 4-7)

Head to the Maclaren Showroom (10 Marshall Street, South Norwalk) on Thursday, December 11th at 11am for another FREE show for kids up to age 5.  Robert the Guitar Guy will be there and as his name subtly suggests, Robert plays the guitar, plus he sings traditional children's songs and originals of his own. Check him out at www.roberttheguitarguy.com.

Speaking of Maclaren, just wanted to pass this coupon along. Just right click on the image below to enlarge and hit "print" (This is annoying, I know. Sorry! I am limited here because of this blog's formatting. If you have trouble printing the coupon, send me an email at fairfieldcountychild@gmail.com and I'll send you the file as an email attachment.)  

You'll save 20% at the Maclaren outlet December 4th - 7th. It's a great time to stock up on already reduced buggies and other baby accessories. Please note, the outlet is at 25 Van Zandt Street in Norwalk (not to be confused with the showroom where the concerts are held)...

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