Nu-Kitchen NuMoms: Now Available in Fairfield County

Last week I was a very happy camper. Here's why: I had breakfast, lunch, dinner + 2 snacks delivered right to my doorstep every day. I didn't have to cook for myself. I enjoyed exotic flavors and foods I only enjoy out at restaurants (never in my own kitchen). And it was all thanks to Nu-Kitchen and Atsuko Boyd, a fellow Fairfield County mom who just happens to be Nu-Kitchen's Executive Chef Consultant. 

Nu-Kitchen is boutique meal delivery service based in NYC and they now deliver to western Fairfield County (Stamford, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk and Greenwich)*. You can choose from several different programs, depending on your needs (weight loss, convenience, etc). The meals are fresher than fresh (never frozen) and made with all natural, seasonal, local ingredients. Check out their sample menu here. And not that we're swayed by good-looking celebrities with hot bods or anything like that, but read some testimonials here

New and pregnant moms, you're going to love this. Nu-Kitchen even has a program just for you. NuMoms is a plan that includes portion-controlled meals and snacks that are high in fiber, folate and other necessary vitamins and low in scary stuff like mercury from certain fish. Read all about Nu-Kitchen NuMoms here.  Yes, you can eat well and lose the baby weight. Plus, as a FCC reader, you can receive one free day of Nu-Kitchen meals between now and March 31, 2009. Just enter this code at checkout: FCCHILD

Visit www.Nu-Kitchen.com to choose your menu.

* If you live outside these areas, please contact Nu-Kitchen and let them know you're interested in deliveries to your region of Fairfield County. They'll set up delivery in your area if 10 other people who live nearby are interested too.

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