Herbal Tea Party and Free Acupuncture This Wednesday in Stamford

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the year of the ox starts today. You're invited to celebrate at the Meridian Wellness Center in Stamford this Wednesday, January 28 at their Chinese New Year party. Come learn all the benefits of tea and Chinese herbs from my friend Nanette of White Jade Wellness.  Plus, call ahead and schedule your free acupuncture between 11:30am - 6pm.  

I asked Nanette to explain to me why mothers in particular might be interested in Chinese medicine and this is what she had to say:

"In traditional Chinese medicine there is the theory that we all possess 'three treasures' these consist of Shen, Jing [our essence or constitution that we inherited from our parents and that we give to our children through conception] and Qi, loosely translated as energy. Expectant and new moms have relied heavily on these treasures and Chinese Herbs can help strenghthen and renew the womans health and vitality."

Ok, I'll take it! All the day's details are here.  

Meridian Wellness Center
66 Glenbrook Road at Avalon Glen, Stamford


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