News From the Couch

Sorry about the lack of activity here recently. Last week, I had a short stay in Labor and Delivery at Greenwich Hospital. Luckily, there was no labor or delivery yet because this baby's not fully cooked for another 8 weeks. It was just a little scare, but now I'm on bedrest indefinitely. So until I master typing while fully reclined, I won't be posting as often. My incredibly handsome husband is actually typing this for me now.

Please stay in touch with any news and press releases while I'm on "vacation." I'll try to cover us as much as I can.

Finally, I'd like to thank the incredible Greenwich Hospital staff, especially Dr. Kleeban and my nurses, Jen and Lynn.


Nancy said...

Hi! Good luck with that baby that is so anxious to burst forth into the world. Keep whispering to him/her that life is more comfy in utero for now!
You might have a look at my website while you are on bedrest. We are a design studio dedicated to creating custom baby nurseries. I am sure you know someone who would surely love to have someone who could do this for them! I sure did!
Write back so that we know how you and that handsome husband of yours is doing. and keep that little one happy in there! We wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the bedrest I did 6 months of it with my daughter. I had both your nurses at Greenwich Hosp... sweet ladies!

Southernyankee said...

meg - enjoy the rest while you can :-)
take care of yourself and see you when you are out and about again!

Anonymous said...

I just found your website and am very impressed. I moved to Westport 2 months ago and THIS is the resource I have needed! I want to give it to my realtor to help other parents new to the area.

The internet will help pass the time for bedrest (it's so much better than 12 years ago when I wasn't able to buy anything online). Good luck with the bedrest, I had 5 months of it for each of my 4 pregnancies and everything turned out fine. Best of all, it's all just a blur in my memory, with 4 active boys I can't remember ever having a quiet moment :)

meg said...

i know you commented on my blog months ago back when i first mentioned going on bedrest - thank you!! i am just replying now because i've been a little busy. the baby is almost 3 months old - very happy and healthy. thanks for your kind thoughts.