Swine Flu... What's It Take for a Girl to Get a Vaccine in Fairfield County?

A few months ago I wrote about Swine Flu back when it first became an issue. Now months later, it's on my mind again. And I am VERY confused. Can someone help me out here (and in turn help tons of Fairfield County moms. I'll share whatever information I glean or you can post it below by hitting "COMMENT").

So I'm clear on where to get the regular flu shot for me, my husband and my daughter. I'm headed to the Tully Center tonight for my dose (being pregnant I'm a little wary of any vaccine but the experts say I should do it and that's a whole other story anyway).

But I'm puzzled by the Swine Flu vaccine. I read that pregnant women and kids between the ages of 2-4 are considered high risk and should get the Swine Flu vaccine. Thing is, my daughter's pediatrician doesn't have the vaccine yet, and neither does her preschool and neither does my OB. So what to do? Have you found a source for the Swine Flu vaccine in Fairfield County?  

Any information would be helpful! THANK YOU!

For more information, you can call the City of Stamford H1N1 hotline at 203-977-4213. It's just a recording stating that you should call your health care professional to get the vaccine but supposedly they update that recording with the latest Swine Flu vaccine information as needed. 


Anonymous said...

My children and I will not be getting it, however I just found out that Westport/Weston Health District has a limited supply for Children ages 2-4 and people who are not pregnant and who live with or care for children under 6 months. 227-9571 ext 242.

Laura said...

Today, I went to the Darien YMCA for a regular flu shot, and it turned out that they also had the H1N1 nasal spray. They had it available for kids 2 and up. There will be another flu clinic there on Thursday, October 15 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., as well as Saturday, October 24 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Flu shots are $25, H1N1 nasal spray is $25, pneumonia shots are $45. They give you a form you can use to file with your insurance. You do not need to be a member to get a flu vaccine there. The vaccines are administered by Preventa Health, 203-274-7896.

Tiffany Davidson said...

Hey Meg,

To add another twist...my son is asthmatic and our allergist strongly suggested he get the swine flu vaccine, HOWEVER, not the nasal spray since the spray is contraindicated in asthma sufferers. Then he tells me the H1N1 shot is not available anywhere yet...hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I would not get the swine flu vaccine for you or your child. It is so new and they can not know possible side effects or studies to show outcomes. Hand washing is your best defense!

Stamford Talk said...

I totally disagree. This flu is hitting children hard, and I think every parent should get it. (I do think it's a little harder to decide to give it to your kid, especially if you have a 7 month old, like I do, who seems to be getting a vaccine every week for something or other.) I’m not usually a vaccine pusher- I am very skittish about them, especially a new flu vaccine.

However, I know of two kids- children of a friend of a friend- one in hospital with kidney failure from H1N1, and one who attended a birthday party, after which ALL the kids came down with swine flu, and the birthday boy died from it. These were previously healthy kids, ages 5 and 9. People have said to me, “The swine flu isn’t any more dangerous than regular flu,” but I simply cannot believe that.

I am still SO hesitant to give my baby this new swine flu vacc- if this flu is as strong and weird as it seems, it scares me to put even a dead version of it into my infant. But we got a flu in CA in late August, and it hit the baby SO much harder than the rest of us (this flu got 9 of 10 people who spent time in my sister’s house). He never had a fever, so I am not sure if it was swine flu- no doctor said those words – but we ended up in the ER twice for dehydration from 4 days of vomiting. If that was regular flu, I’d hate to see what swine flu would do. We keep hearing swine flu is mild, but maybe that’s in adults- I puked once, the baby puked for four days.

The swine flu vaccine is made the same way as any other flu vaccine- at this point, I feel like it’s riskier- to yourself AND others- to not get the vaccine.

Even as I say that, I don’t want to get the vaccine for my baby. But then I think of these kids I’ve heard about from my friends, and think how foolhardy it would be not to get it. It’s a hard decision.

meg said...

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions! Just wanted to give a little update since last week. My 2 year old received the swine flu mist today. Her pediatrician now has it for kids ages 2-4.

Also, my OB finally got the injectable vaccine for pregnant patients, but when I showed up on Saturday for my dose, we decided I should wait because I was feeling a little under the weather and we didn't want to complicate matters. So...now I have to wait another 2 weeks until they get more. They ran out of all 100 doses on Saturday. How about you? Any updates?

Jennifer W said...

Please keep the updates on the availability of the H1N1 vaccine coming! I'm hoping to get my 4-year old vaccinated at the Y on Saturday, but I still need to find the injectable version for my 18-month old and for myself (I'm pregnant). Thanks!

Calin said...

hi Meg,

who's your OB? my OB didn't order the vaccine and now I don't know what to do, where I can get the vaccine?? we called other OBs, but they don't want to give us the vaccine!!

this is outrageous, we called everybody, Health Department, CDC, hospital, no one knows anything...it's just amazing the level of incompetence and bureaucracy!!

Pls let me know if you have any advice. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

My 3-year old had an asthama incident in May this year and he cannot get the intra nasal H1N1 vaccine. I worry about the risks he is exposed to - going to school, birthday parties etc. The birthday party story posted earlier is SO scary.

I'm desperately trying to locate a clinic that provides the injectable variety. The Stamford Health Dept is only providing the H1N1 intra nasal spray vaccine and by appointment only. I found these links to places that are now providing injectable vaccines by appointment - and will try to find out if they will accomodate people who don't live in that particular town. If anyone knows about a clinic that provides injectable H1N1 vaccine in the lower Fairfield area, please blog here.




Margaret Kowalski said...

Finally, a blog that isn't trying to sell me something! From my personal experiences as a physician, I've learned that flu shots are very important for all people, especially the elderly and young children. You should definetly get those flu shots.

kaney said...

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