Finally Get Organized With From This 2 That - I Did!

Since September I've moved to a new house, was laid up for a month of bedrest and then had a baby. Needless to say, things were a tad chaotic around here, and let me tell you -- it showed. I've never been known for my organizational skills in the home (ok I'm a slob!), but in recent months I took it to a whole new level.

I was desperate for help. Enter From This to That (“FT2T”) a professional organizing business supported by two busy moms. Dara Smith, one half of the team, came to my home and in just 5 hours, whipped me into shape. She cleaned out closets and re-organized shelves and cabinets based on my needs. Dara realized, after speaking with me for awhile and looking around, that I'm pretty good at getting rid of "stuff". Even though I'm not a hoarder, I run into trouble with compartmentalizing the stuff I do have. She taught me a bunch of secrets for keeping everything I need to access regularly (cleaning supplies, linens, toys, etc) neat, but accessible. Even my out-of- season clothes are neat and tidy for once. Weeks later, her organization “secrets” continue to help me keep our new house somewhat orderly. The newfound order gives me peace of mind --- and I can use it! Being cooped up all winter with a 3 year old and a newborn is enough to make me a little crazy.

I asked what differentiates FT2T from other professional organizers and I learned that it's FT2T’s total assessment of a client's personality and unique ability to transform it into system that suits the client’s needs, rather than taking a cookie cutter approach to a job. For example, I personally need to see all my stuff. Otherwise, I lose it. Whenever I put something "in a safe place", I can't find it later. Dara quickly understood that while I am not totally organized, I don't like clutter. So, she put things I use on a regular basis right in front of me, instead of tucking them neatly away. Dara also recommended that I use clear containers or receptacles so that everything would always be visible. Another great suggestion was to have attractive hooks and racks throughout the house to hang everything from hats to coats to jewelry.

When I was on bedrest and unable to use the stairs more than once a day, I got dressed and showered on the first floor of my home, and I continued to do so even after I was feeling better because it was more convenient when the kids are around. Recently though, I wanted the option to get dressed and showered upstairs. Dara understood this and made it possible for everything I needed to be neatly stored in both bathrooms - upstairs and downstairs - so that I'm not trucking all my products up and down the stairs. Another great idea - my linen closet is now multi-tasking – it holds linens and medicines. Dara organized things in a way that would work well in my everyday lifestyle. She made small changes that helped in a big way.

Visit www.fromthis2that.com or call Dara (203-545-4480) or Brenda (917-558-7043) for more information on how From This 2 That can help you get organized at home or work.

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