Meet My First Momcrush - Tania Grant of Pure Play Kids + GIVEAWAY

Tania Grant

I meet so many cool, inspirational moms here in Fairfield County. Every time I meet a woman who dreams big and puts words into action, I admit it, I develop a little girlcrush. I want to know everything about her and what lead to her success. So I decided to feature one mom a month (my Momcrush) on FCC so that I can spread the word about the cool things she's doing. She might be an entrepreneur, an athlete, an inventor or someone who donates ther valuable time to the less fortunate. This month, you'll meet Tania Grant of Stamford, a busy mom of two . She's founder and CEO of Pure Play Kids, a new toy company dedicated to improving the marketplace for children’s products and to provide parents with superior choices for raising their own families. I'm loving everything Pure Play Kids carries. Not only is everything beautiful to look at, the toys and accessories are functional and safe. I was so impressed I decided to give her a call to learn more about how she turned her dreams into reality. Read on for my quick interview with Tania.

What inspired you to start Pure Play Kids?
My husband and I struggled to find creative and healthy alternatives to mainstream children’s products when our son was born. We spent endless hours searching for safe, kid-powered, creative and fun products. We scratched our heads, thinking there had to be a better way to bring our findings to parents and the light bulb went on “Let’s help parents out and take great, unique products into their living rooms.” Pure Play Kids sells awesome products through at home parties right in your living room.

What did you do before this? Worked in finance.

What makes Pure Play Kids different than other toy companies?
Just about everything! Our toys are kid-powered, not battery-powered, so no over-stimulating and annoying lights and sounds. We want your kid to be the creative driver, so we also avoid characters licensed from TV and movies. Our broad product line is comprised of natural, safe, and sustainable products, so there is little plastic. Also, while most toys today are made in China, Pure Play Kids only sells products made in the USA and in Europe, ensuring safety and quality. Finally, we sell through home-parties, not stores so we can show-off the great products!

How do you juggle work and family life?
Laughing, playing and lots and lots of late nights!

Your favorite thing about being a mom in Fairfield County?
Fairfield Country is awesome – We have fantastic, smart and involved parents plus we can play at the beach, hit the zoo or take a hike all in the same day!

Win these cool soy crayons from Pure Play Kids! Just leave a comment below with your favorite Fairfield County winter activity to enter. Don't forget to leave your first name and town. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.

What's one item you carry that no child should be without?
Our soy crayons! They get us through travel, trips to the diner, the doctor’s office, long waits in line, you name it. They give us a chance to use our creative juices anywhere we go!!

phone: 203 355 0056

To win the soy crayon set shown above, just enter by leaving a comment below with your favorite wintertime activity in Fairfield County. For more details on the crayons, see page 53 of the Pure Play Kids catalog.


meg said...

I hate the cold so I love going to the library on cold winter days. Our library has a fireplace glowing all winter long and it's a cozy spot to go and read with the kids when we need to get out of the house.
Meg, Stamford

Amy said...

I agree with Meg. We go to the Wilton Library all the time. they have a thomas train and a fish tank that Jake loves to play with. We also go to the Danbury Mall. They have an indoor play area that is almost as good as the Stamford Mall (but Danbury is a little closer to us).

Amy P, Wilton

After Words said...

We have a membership at the Maritime Aquarium in South Norwalk and spend a lot of time there in the winter. The kids love the play area on the second floor as well as the touch tanks.

Jacquie, Darien

amy said...

Wow, I feel so unoriginal now but we go to a library almost every single day! In fact yesterday, I went to Westport in the morning with my baby boy and Wilton in the afternoon with both kids! I even have a file with all the links to local libraries so I can quickly check who is doing what.

I loved the libraries before, but now that finances are so tight, they are my lifeline! As soon as we have some spending money again, I'm donating to all of them!

Another Amy P. Wilton

Anonymous said...

Madeline (21 months old) keeps active in the winter by going to her gym class, as well as Just Wee Two class in Stamford and Music Together. We also take advantage of the great free programs at the Stamford Public Library.

jangerame said...

hate to say, but we usually stay in. make a fire, and build legos or craft projects... touch to find something that all 3 like
stay warm and welcome back meg!


Katy G said...

Awesome and inspirational! I am a new mom (Tristan 11 mos old) and an entrepreneurial business owner as well. Best of luck and we hope to see your soon.

Anonymous said...

We love having friends over to play. We share yummy treats and the moms can have a chat as well!

Bridget, Darien

Lynn Blank said...

If we're not at Stroller Strides we love to check out the underwater life at the Aquarium in South Norwalk. There;s something about watching all the fish swimming that makes you forget how cold it is outside!


Nicole Taylor Photography said...

My 2 year old and I llove to explore all the things we can do in our area, having just moved back. From a little Mommy and Me time at Starbucks in Stamford munching on a fruit platter and singing songs before stepping into the library to visiting Stepping Stones in NOrwalk and Earthplace in Westport. The thing I love about Lower Fairfield County is that it is very family friendly leaving a lot of places to visit in the winter, if you're not up for playing in the snow. . .

julie said...

we love to play in the freshly fallen snow and then come inside for some hot chocolate!
~ julie, stamford

RunrGurl26 said...

I thank goodness for Tumble Bugs Saturday morning classes. Addi has a blast running around and getting her ya-yas out which is always a challenge in the winter.

chloeandolivia said...

my girls love the fairytale ballet at ballet des enfants in stamford! it really inspires them to dance and dream!

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