Maple Sugar Sunday at The Stamford Museum & Nature Center March 7 - Sponsor a Bucket!

Raise your hand if you're a fan of The Stamford Museum & Nature Center. Or if you're a Stamford resident who takes advantage of the SMNC's free admission on Wednesdays. There you are... I know you're out there because I've seen lots of you there!

The SMNC is one of my fave places in the area and we love the preschool too. My daughter's in the SMNC's Art Nature & Me 3's program I can't think of a better place for her.

If you love the SMNC as much as I do, why not sponsor a bucket at their upcoming Maple Sugar event on March 7th (click here for all the details). It's an easy way to show your support for the SMNC and to thank them for the free admission Wednesdays. You can bring the fam plus:
  • Visitors will be able to see a wide range of techniques used to create maple syrup including colonial and modern methods.
  • Games, crafts, face painting and story telling for kids
  • Taste sugar on snow – a sweet maple treat
  • Come to the famous pancake brunch at the Bendel Mansion (main building) featuring SMNC maple syrup
Look for the bucket sponsored by FairfieldCountyChild.com that day and if you're interested in sponsoring one yourself, please contact Meg Slavin (Director of Development) at 203.322.1646 x6548


Nicole Taylor Photography said...

OH I LOVE THIS! I grew up going to the Maple Festival in my hometown in Western NY and was recently thinking of taking a drive out to take my boys! ( Yes 6 hours is a bit much in the car with them ). I NEVER knew the nature center did this. I'm so excited to be taking a 20 minute car ride across town instead. Thank you for sharing this Meg.

meg said...

Nicole hope you enjoy it! I'll see you there.

Nicole Taylor Photography said...

actually I probably won't be there. I have 2 family shoots scheduled for that day . Guess it will be my husband and the boys instead! SHUCKS !