Twitter. Love It or Hate It?

Just curious what all of you are thinking about Twitter these days. I've rekindled my love affair with it. At first I thought it was sort of a waste of time, but lately I've been loving it. I think it took me awhile to really get what all the fuss was about.

Listen, I know you're busy with kids, work, etc and you don't need another time suck in your life, but I'm curious about your feelings toward Twitter. Do you have an account? Who do you follow? I like it because it's a quick way for me to stay on top of local and national news. I'm so busy these days so I'm all about instant gratification and Twitter delivers! I follow CNN for breaking national and world news and some of my favorite local tweets come from Channel 12 and the Stamford Advocate. I'm not all about the hard news though. I get *really important* news from Bravo TV and AintNoMomJeans (love this site!). Click here to see everyone I follow. I've discovered some great local businesses through Twitter. It's quite addictive, to tell you the truth.

If all of this is Greek to you, no worries! I was you just a short time ago. If you're interested in setting up a Twitter account for business or personal use, please contact me at fairfieldcountychild@gmail.com and I'd be happy to walk you through the steps to make it happen. I swear it's easy and if you need more convincing, read this great article, How Twitter Can Change Your Life.

If you're looking for a quick way to stay on top of news and trends or to get the word out about your business, I think Twitter is a great, FREE resource. What do you think?

You can follow me and all my fascinating :) Tweets at www.twitter.com/FfldCountyChild


patty said...

Well since I came here from your tweet... count me in as a user :)

I will be checking out who you follow. I'm in a bit of a twitter rut, and need to expand my universe a bit.

Oh, and anyone who wants to see who I follow or read what I like to blather on about: http://twitter.com/TheWingDangDoo

Courtney said...

I love Twitter. Although I have my periods where I am more infatuated with it than others, overall I use it the same way you do - as a news source. I also follow a lot of local people and marketing/social media experts to help me build my business. It's a great way to stay connected in an instant!

GreenFoodGal said...

Saw your Tweet and thought I'd share that I love Twitter too for all the reasons you mentioned. It's like getting running news headlines from people I follow. And when I read a great Tweet, I RT (retweet)it to my followers, allowing me to share information with one click. It's faster than FB because Tweets are limited to 140 characters. I do recommend anyone new to Twitter to do a Google search to learn what not to Tweet about.

Ed said...

I have three twitter accounts, and because of that, I get a little burned out. So I know how you feel.

Lately, I am noticing more meaningful posts from the people I follow (I'm selective), yet fewer postings from them. Their could be a trend here. I am also noticing there is a lot less spam. I guess Twitter is getting better at grabbing them.

Twitter is still a useful place for me to ask a question or let my followers know what's new on my website. The traffic from Twitter confirms it.