Food for Thought Expo Tomorrow

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to mention this, but I just heard about the Food for Thought Expo tomorrow in Fairfield. It's a celebration of local farms, stores, restaurants, local/sustainable food advocates, businesses and educators. All the details are over on the fabulous Fairfield Green Food Guide blog. If you're not already following this blog, I recommend you do. It's FULL of important and fun info about our food culture. I can't even do it justice, plus I'm in the middle of making my own dinner, so just click here to visit. If you're remotely interested or concerned about feeding your family with food that's good for the body and the environment, you'll love it!


eBeth said...

Thanks Meg! I'm lucky I have tomorrow off. I'm SO going to this!

GreenFoodGal said...

Meg,thanks for your kind words and for sending your readers to yesterday's Food for Thought Expo. It was a fabulous event and News Ch. 12 came to film Chef Jeff and his portable, brick oven pizzas featuring locally sourced toppings. It's farm-to-chef on wheels!