BreakThru Family Fitness - Check Out All Their Kids Fitness Classes!

Please welcome FCC's latest sponsor, BreakThru Family Fitness. Located in Stamford near the Darien line on Union Street, BreakThru is truly a gym for the whole family. You can find fitness classes for Mom, Dad and kids. There's even drop-in childcare for kids 3 months and up.

Today's focus is on BreakThru's offerings for kids, including:

  • Krav Maga for kids (Israeli Martial Arts)
  • After school fitness programs
  • Kids Boot Camp
  • A real gym for kids 
  • Fencing
  • Kettleball
  • Music Together 

Kids receive so much individual attention at BreakThru and all instructors are certified by the American Alliance for Kids Safety. BreakThru is family owned and operated and unlike chain gyms, it's designed to be homey, comfortable and unintimidating!

Stay tuned for more information about events and programs at BreakThru Fitness or visit www.breakthrufamilyfitness.com

Have a great weekend!

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