Back to School, Back to Blogging...

Hello again! Hope you had an awesome summer. After a little hiatus, I'm back to blogging and hoping we can pick up right where we left off. I wish I could tell you I spent my hiatus relaxing at the beach or something but the reality is I've taken a new job that occupies much of my time and energy. It's a job out of the home so I've been getting used to the commute, a new childcare arrangement and pretty much a whole new lifestyle for me and my kids. It's a good thing, but I know many of you can relate to this transition. Thanks for bearing with me!

Moving on.... stay tuned I have a whole bunch of great stuff for moms and kids in Fairfield County to share with you. Please email me if you know of any upcoming events, activities, sales or business openings you would like me to share with FairfieldCountyChild.com readers.

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