Swizzles Frozen Yogurt in Darien & Wilton - YUM

Sometimes a girl just wants some ice cream, but sometimes that girl's jeans are too tight and she says to herself, "Girl, don't have ice cream." Thankfully, this girl discovered Swizzles in Darien. Not only is Swizzles frozen yogurt yummy, it's also quite a bit healthier than ice cream (low fat, gluten-free). Bonus - kids love Swizzles too. With new locations in Darien and Wilton (and another opening soon in Ridgefield), Swizzles is here just in time for summer.
Is it cheap? No. Are the toppings so delicious and fattening they negate the healthy nature of the yogurt? Yes. I'm still a fan though, and I bet you will be too. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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