Rio in Norwalk... Old News? Maybe. Totally Amazing Kid-Friendly Dining Experience? Absolutely!

For years I've been told "Go to Rio in Norwalk"... yeah, yeah. Mexican food is Mexican food, at least in my experience. Especially here in New England. Unless you visit the West Coast, is any of it really that impressive?  Plus, I'm not usually into dining at a strip mall. Well, we gave it a try a few weeks ago and now I see the appeal. The food was awesome (authentic? I don't know - who cares?)... and the kids LOVED it. Due to the live music and a very friendly and patient staff, we had the most enjoyable restaurant meal together we've had in ages. Both my girls (ages 4 and 1) were totally entertained and us grown-ups enjoyed a pretty tasty meal + margaritas. The place was packed with kids and it was so festive and fun. We even chatted with the very nice family next to us which gave the whole evening a different sort of twist. When do we ever befriend fellow restaurant patrons? Like, never. So give it a try if you are looking for good food and a fun night out with the kids. Are you a Rio fan? If not, click here for more kid-friendly dining ideas in Fairfield County. 

330 Connecticut Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06854
Phone: 203-855-9577


Bridget said...

That sounds amazing! We will definitely try it...thanks for the advice. Always looking for kid friendly places to eat.

Angela Riley said...

We love Rio for the exact same reasons you mentioned!!! And I was a skeptic the first time, too!

Anonymous said...

If you can believe it, my husband wanted to go there with our kids for his 40th birthday dinner. He figured we'd all be happy... and we were!