Stay in Shape During Pregnancy With Femme Fatale Fitness's New Prenatal Program.

Last April I introduced you to Tiffany Davidson of Femme Fatale Fitness with a quick interview about her personal training business for women. Since then, Tiffany has been busy getting certified  as a Pre/Postnatal Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor by Dancing Thru Pregnancy®. (www.dancingthrupregnancy.com). Contact her if you're pregnant or planning to get pregnant any time soon to learn how you can stay in shape safely (and have fun while you're at it).

First and foremost though, always get the OK from your OB-GYN to exercise while you are pregnant. Secondly, make sure you choose a trainer who is certified in pre/postnatal fitness. Check out the certifications. According to Tiffany, not all certifications are created equal. The right trainer can make a positive impact on your pregnancy, labor and recovery.

The four areas Tiffany focuses on with her clients are:
  • Mind/Body: Centering (balance, core strength, abdominal breathing, associative focus)
  • Relaxation Response & Stress Management
  • Strength, Flexibility & Special Exercises (kegels, birth squats, diastasis assessment,etc.)
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
Please mention FairfieldCountyChild.com when you speak to Tiffany. You can reach her in Weston at 203.536.8594 and visit her Web site at www.femmefatalefit.com

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